Pet relocation services.

We are a pet relocation company. Please call 91904077 for Japanese speaking staff or 96528428 for English speaking staff if you have any enquiry on importing or exporting your pets.




They were relocated to Singapore on 2 September 2014 from Japan. Call 91904077 for inquiry in Japanese.

Pet immigration, Pet relocation Singapore

Rabu has been relocated to Singapore a few days ago to be with his loving owners. We at undertook the relocating process to get Rabu here.

Pet Rabbit Relocating to Japan.

Pet rabbit named Butter was transported by Singapore Pet Hotel for his medical check-up today at Mt Pleasant Clinic. He will leaving for Japan soon after all the formalities and paperwork has been completed. Contact us at 91904077 or 96528428 for enquiry.

Pet Mover, Pet Migration and Pet Relocation in Singapore

Pet dog Minto was relocated to Singapore yesterday. We would be able to assist you to Relocate your pets into or out of Singapore. We are a PET RELOCATION,PET MOVER,PET MIGRATION COMPANY in SINGAPORE.  Call us at 91904077 or 96528428 for assistance.
Our email address is


Email us at or call 91904077/96528428 for your PET RELOACTION just like these 2 cats which was relocated by Singapore Pet Hotel recently.


We relocated these cats for their owners this morning. They are now in their new home in Sentosa.
Call us at 91904077 for Japanese speaking personnel and 96528428 for English speaking.

Pet Relocation to Singapore from Japan

This Toy Poodle (Milk) has be relocated to Singapore this evening from Japan. Call 91904077 (Japanese speaking)or 96528428 (English speaking)if you need assistance to relocate your pet cats or dogs or rabbit etc  into Singapore or out of Singapore.

Pet relocation (Boston Terrier) to Singapore.

Boston Terrier Sette was relocated to Singapore recently. We assisted to bring him to Singapore and cleared all AVA and Custom formalities before transporting him to his new home in Singapore.
Call us 96528482 for you want assistance to relocate your pets into or out of Singapore.

Pet relocation,Singapore

Mongrel by the name of "Smile" went for his medical/health checks at Mount Pleasant before relocating to Japan. Call 96528428 or 91904077.

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